Unstoppable You with Ebony

According to the Cleveland Clinic, "you can break a sugar addiction in 10 days" so welcome to the Unstoppable You 10-Day Sugar Detox Challenge!​In just 10 days, you will not only kick your sugar addiction but you will also learn how to spot and reduce added sugars in your diet and begin to experience how delicious food can be without added sugars. Sugars that are added to food in the factory or in your own kitchen are different from sugars found naturally in fruit, vegetables or things such as raw honey or pure maple syrup. Researchers links excessive consumption of added sugars to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. This challenge is your first step to reducing the amount of added sugar you consume. During our 10 days together, you will eat significantly less sugar and more vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole foods, which contain the fiber and natural sweetness that will help reduce sugar cravings.

The sweetest part? Doing this is SO much easier when you have a plan and others to do it with. 

You ready? Let's DO this!

Healthy Body Method Sugar Detox

One of the best things you can do for your health is to cut back on processed foods with added sugar and the Healthy Body Method 10 Day Sugar Detox will show you how.

Everyone who registers gets...

  • A complete printable program guide that includes a daily tracker & step by step protocols for the challenge

  • Nutrition recommendations with a focus on low sugar options and whole food nutrition. 

  • A private community group for daily accountability and support. 

  • One on one coaching and support from Ebony, daily motivation, and live check-ins.

  • Most Importantly, results like: Increased energy, better eating habits, less cravings, more sleep, weigh loss, support and a jump start to being a better you!

Client Testimonials

"I am so excited to share this!! I lost 9.5 pounds!! I lost 2 1/4 inches off my waist and approximately 1/4 inch off each thigh. Non-scale victories would be seeing my kids thinking about their food choices and not feeling as bloated, and having more energy than before." Bekah B.

"I lost 7 pounds! I’m so excited to keep working with Ebony and continue on!" Amanda M.

"I lost 5 pounds! Waist 34 1/2 to 32. Bust down 1 in. Thighs 25 to 24. Hips 421/2 to 41. Arms also went down 1/2 in.  Non scales victory is I feel good each morning. I'm not feeling bloated and I’m sleeping well at night. I’m making smarter food choices and not craving a lot of sugar." Dede T.

"I lost 10lbs!!! I lost almost 2 inches around my waist and 1 1/2 in around the bust. My water intake has been amazing even my husband gave me a high five this morning! NO more upper bloating. I’m feeling so great! Even my mood is so much better, my family's mood is better. An amazing experience and I’m so proud of all you ladies for giving your best for yourself!" Marion P.

"Total of about 3 pounds lost and an inch! Most of all, feeling great. Feeling healthier, drinking more water, eating more greens, and craving less! Thank you all for the support! This was awesome! " April S.

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